# Docker Swarm Mode, Prometheus and Service Discovery

# 3rd-Party

Name Description Language URL
castlemilk / prom_dns_sd Bridge DNS service discovery and file_sd in an more automated fashion Python github (opens new window)
ContainerSolutions / prometheus-swarm-discovery This is a POC for Prometheus service discovery on Docker Swarm Go github (opens new window)
DistributedSystemsGroup / swarm-dns Simple daemon to keep a Bind DNS server in sync with containers created in Docker Swarm Go github (opens new window)
function61 / prometheus-docker-swarm Bridges Docker Swarm services to Prometheus via file-based service discovery Go github (opens new window)
jamesmcdonald / prometheus-swarmer Service discovery to generate Prometheus configuration for services on Docker Swarm Python github (opens new window)
msiebuhr / prometheus-mdns-sd mDNS/ZeroConf/Bonjour service discovery for Prometheus Go github (opens new window)
RobustPerception / PushProx Proxy to allow Prometheus to scrape through NAT etc. Go github (opens new window)
rayhou / prometheus-file-sd Parse your docker cloud containers and write a json file for prometheus service discovery Shell github (opens new window)
tomverelst / prommer Service discovery for Prometheus using Docker Go github (opens new window)
wanglf / prometheus-service-discovery Auto discover monitoring nodes such as prometheus node exporter, haproxy exporter, mysqld exporter etc. Java github (opens new window)
wu8685 / prometheus-swarm-sd Service discovery plugin for Swarm Go github (opens new window)

# Orchestration Samples

Name Description URL
stefanprodan / swarmprom Instrumentation with Prometheus, Grafana, cAdvisor, Node Exporter and Alert Manage github (opens new window)
bvis / docker-prometheus-swarm Sample Prometheus that can be used as a sample to get Swarm cluster metrics github (opens new window)
chmod666org / docker-swarm-prometheus Docker stack to deploy prometheus monitoring on a Docker Swarm Cluster github (opens new window)
Official Docker Collect Docker metrics with Prometheus docs.docker.com (opens new window)
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