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Docker Swarm Mode, Prometheus and Service Discovery


castlemilk / prom_dns_sdBridge DNS service discovery and file_sd in an more automated fashionPythongithub
ContainerSolutions / prometheus-swarm-discoveryThis is a POC for Prometheus service discovery on Docker SwarmGogithub
DistributedSystemsGroup / swarm-dnsSimple daemon to keep a Bind DNS server in sync with containers created in Docker SwarmGogithub
function61 / prometheus-docker-swarmBridges Docker Swarm services to Prometheus via file-based service discoveryGogithub
jamesmcdonald / prometheus-swarmerService discovery to generate Prometheus configuration for services on Docker SwarmPythongithub
msiebuhr / prometheus-mdns-sdmDNS/ZeroConf/Bonjour service discovery for PrometheusGogithub
RobustPerception / PushProxProxy to allow Prometheus to scrape through NAT etc.Gogithub
rayhou / prometheus-file-sdParse your docker cloud containers and write a json file for prometheus service discoveryShellgithub
tomverelst / prommerService discovery for Prometheus using DockerGogithub
wanglf / prometheus-service-discoveryAuto discover monitoring nodes such as prometheus node exporter, haproxy exporter, mysqld exporter etc.Javagithub
wu8685 / prometheus-swarm-sdService discovery plugin for SwarmGogithub

Orchestration Samples

stefanprodan / swarmpromInstrumentation with Prometheus, Grafana, cAdvisor, Node Exporter and Alert Managegithub
bvis / docker-prometheus-swarmSample Prometheus that can be used as a sample to get Swarm cluster metricsgithub
chmod666org / docker-swarm-prometheusDocker stack to deploy prometheus monitoring on a Docker Swarm Clustergithub
Official DockerCollect Docker metrics with