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WeeChat Guide

Key Bindings


Some useful default keys in WeeChat you might not know:

  • Ctrl+s, Ctrl+u: Set unread marker on all buffers
  • Ctrl+p/n: Scroll to previous/next highlight in buffer
  • Alt+u: Scroll to first unread line in buffer
  • Alt+Home/End: Scroll to top/bottom of buffer
  • Ctrl+r: Search text in buffer (up/down for previous/next match, Enter to exit search)
  • Shift+Tab: Partial completion (or previous completion for a completion in progress)
  • Alt+j, Alt+l: Jump to last buffer
  • Ctrl+_: Undo last action on command line
  • Alt+_: Redo last action on command line
  • Ctrl+Up/Down: Previous/next command in global history
  • Alt+k: Find a key code (For usage with /key bind)

Nick Colors

When you change your nick colors (option weechat.color.chat_nick_colors), you may want to see how it looks like. Easy! Open color buffer (/color) then type e+Return. This will show extra info, like nick colors.

Hotlist Levels

Script: [] Set maximum hotlist level for some nicks, per buffer or per group of buffers. A new buffer property hotlist_max_level_nicks, can be set easily with the script, see /help autosetbuffer for all the details and examples.

Possible levels are (default is -1):

  • -1: No hotlist changes for nick
  • 0: Low priority (like join/part messages)
  • 1: Message
  • 2: Private
  • 3: Highlight (Useless, as it's the normal behavior)


/autosetbuffer add irc.freenode.##nyutest hotlist_max_level_nicks_add tester:2

If you have already opened buffer, then script option will not apply immediately to buffers. Then you can use /buffer command to manually set this property on a buffer, for example to disable highlights from certain bots on current buffer:

/buffer set hotlist_max_level_nicks_add Sentry:-1,GitHub:-1,JIRA:-1,Jenkins:-1,gitter:-1,Staging:-1,Production:-1

Need to remap

Alt+U /window scroll_unread Alt+Home/End /window scroll_top window scroll_bottom Alt+J, Alt+L Alt+K /input grab_key_command Alt+R /input delete_line Alt+S /mute aspell toggle Cltr+l /window refresh F7/F8 /window -1 /window +1 Alt+a /input jump_smart Alt+h /input hotlist_clear alt+n,p /window scroll_next_highlight /window scroll_previous_highlight Alt+/ Switch to last buffer displayed (before last jump to a buffer) /input jump_last_buffer_displayed Alt+= Toggle filters on/off /filter toggle Alt+- Toggle filters on/off in current buffer /filter toggle @