# Install

# Dependencies

  • Vim 7.2.051 or above.
  • git command in $PATH (if you want to install github or vim.org plugins)

# Simple

$ mkdir -p ~/.vim/bundle
$ git clone git://github.com/Shougo/neobundle.vim ~/.vim/bundle/neobundle.vim

# Add to your .vimrc:
set runtimepath+=~/.vim/bundle/neobundle.vim

# Advanced Auto-Install

let $VAR=expand('$XDG_CACHE_HOME/vim')
let s:plugins_dir = expand('$VAR/plugins')
let g:neobundle#types#git#default_protocol = 'git'

if ! isdirectory(expand($VAR))
	" Create the cache dir and the undo dir, too
	call mkdir(expand('$VAR/undo'), 'p')

if has('vim_starting')
	set nocompatible
	" Load NeoBundle for package management
	if &runtimepath !~ '/neobundle.vim'
		if ! isdirectory(s:plugins_dir.'/neobundle.vim')
			" Clone NeoBundle if not found
			execute printf('!git clone %s://github.com/Shougo/neobundle.vim.git',
						\ (exists('$http_proxy') ? 'https' : 'git'))
						\ s:plugins_dir.'/neobundle.vim'

		execute 'set runtimepath^='.s:plugins_dir.'/neobundle.vim'

# Manage Plugins

Please Note: When specifying [name...], you must use the plugin name, not the repository. E.g.: 'vim-fugitive', 'neobundle.vim'.

# Searching

Search vimpusher.com and vim-scripts.org: :Unite neobundle/search

# Installing

# Manual

  • Somewhere in .vimrc: NeoBundle [name...]
  • Within VIM: :NeoBundleInstall [name...]

# Unite

Run :Unite neobundle/search with a keyword, and choose the 'install' action.

# Initial Install

  • From terminal: vim +NeoBundleInstall +q

# Lazy-loading

Register a plugin, but don't add it to the runtimepath, load only when it's needed. Loading the plugin can be triggered by mappings, commands, functions, and even manually: :NeoBundleSource [name...]

# Updating

Updating adheres to the outdated interval.

  • Update plugins: :NeoBundleUpdate [name...]
  • or, with Unite: :Unite neobundle/update

# Maintenance

  • List all configured plugins: :NeoBundleList

  • Generate documentation: :NeoBundleDocs

  • Remove non-configured bundles: :NeoBundleClean[!] [name...]

    ! will force remove, and if specifying names, remove only those.

# Logs

  • Print previous install logs: :NeoBundleLog
  • Print previous update logs: :NeoBundleUpdatesLog

# Unknown


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