Rafael Bodill

Senior Software Engineer @ qwilt


Rafael is a programming veteran, highly motivated and passionate about software development. Long-time PC enthusiast, pcboard sysop in the early 90s, web developer in the 00s, DevOps aficionado, and perpetual backend developer. Currently using Go and Python.

During the 25+ years I've been professionally programming, I've been doing:

  • Cloud-native specialist working on Kubernetes and virtualization.
  • Developed Cloud-native controllers & operators with Golang and led large-scale Kubernetes adoption.
  • Tech lead in the user-behavior analytics team. Large-scale Python development using queues, containers cloud-computing.
  • Sole architect and led development & team on various bespoke CMS/CRM'es for vendors.
  • Led team and development on multiple e-commerce site network.
  • Developed cross-platform single-page apps for CRM's in New Jersey.
  • Freelancer developing multi-tier business backends in Dallas, Texas.
  • Developed an e-commerce platform (ShopMind), analyzing, defining and developing modules in a DNA2000 (XML/XSL, Com+, Asp, Ado) environment.



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