Rafael Bodill

thinker, coder, mentor

What I do now

I enjoy thinking about software architecture, history, and human psychology.
And listen to a lot of music.

This site happily lives at Vercel and powered by SvelteKit. (50046ff)

Throughout the years the site had many iterations, but I didn't contribute any worthy reading material, nevertheless, I enjoyed keeping up with front-end technologies and evolution of static-site-generators (SSG).

SSGs I've tried

Jekyll, GitBook, Hugo, Gatsby, mdBook, GitBook, VuePress, Docusaurus, SvelteKit, ... who knows what the future holds ...

I've come to enjoy the simplicity of Svelte and "No Batteries Included" approach of SvelteKit. It's a great fit for my character; I like to tinker and configure things to my liking. It's like Arch Linux, but for web. :)

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