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Mac OSX provisioning


  • Install Xcode
  • Install Xcode command line tools: xcode-select --install
  • Agree to Xcode license in Terminal: sudo xcodebuild -license

Sensible hacker defaults

sudo scutil --set HostName rafi-mac

Follow mathiasbynens/dotfiles and use what ever you like.


brew install \
coreutils gnutls bash bash-completion@2 less z mas entr tmux bc \
tmux-mem-cpu-load tmux-xpanes reattach-to-user-namespace tree \
colordiff pstree jq urlview tcpdump nmap readline rsync aria2 \
curl unrar netcat ttyrec ttygif ttyd the_silver_searcher id3lib \
libexif libmms faad2 terminal-notifier figlet fortune gnu-sed \
keychain p7zip tarsnap spark exiv2 lnav ncdu calc tidy-html5 \
pngcrush watch pidof pinfo atool exif cloc gnupg grc pango bat \
poppler icdiff git-cal git-extras pass peco ranger wget fd \
xmlstarlet highlight shellcheck sshfs ccat editorconfig ctop \
htop progress httpstat catimg fzf fzy ripgrep httpie pgcli \
go node yarn zsh fish diff-so-fancy proselint subliminal yamllint \
mpc mpv neomutt jrnl rclone resty task vit tig glyr findutils \
kubernetes-cli helm kubectx stern gawk pineentry-mac \

brew install --HEAD ncmpcpp
brew install libcaca --with-imlib2
brew install python python@2 pipenv --with-tcl-tk
brew install git --with-curl --with-openssl
brew install vim --with-lua --with-override-system-vi
brew install aspell --with-lang-he --without-lang-de --without-lang-es --without-lang-fr
brew install --HEAD neovim
brew install --HEAD universal-ctags/universal-ctags/universal-ctags
brew install --HEAD itchyny/fillin/fillin itchyny/rexdep/rexdep

brew install rafi/tap/reg rafi/tap/yaml2json
brew install --HEAD diana cam

brew cask install transmission mpv atom bartender beyond-compare \
clipy contexts dash docker iterm2 karabiner-elements keycastr licecap \
marked slack spotify telegram typora whatsapp

Python Utilities

pip3 install --user --upgrade pipsi

pipsi install pygments
pipsi install tmuxp
pipsi install vim-vint
pipsi install --python python2.7 gcalcli

NodeJS Utilities

npm -g install tern
yarn global add jshint jsxhint stylelint markdownlint-cli sass-lint
yarn global add reveal-md jsctags resume-cli imagemin-cli
yarn global add raml-cop raml2html raml2md

Docker completion

ln -s /Applications/ /usr/local/etc/bash_completion.d/docker
ln -s /Applications/ /usr/local/etc/bash_completion.d/docker-compose

Compile neovim

git clone git://
cd neovim
make distclean
make install